Product Review: Tribars For Tourists

Now at work we do alot of custom builds and heaps of people going touring (i call them “Tourists”) request euro/trekking bars


On most of the bikes fitted with them, ive thought to myself how comfortable on my little jaunts up and down the laneway test track. multiple hand postions, lots of room for accessories. ive got to try them out on a longer ride.

After fitting the bars it certainly made the bike look like an apprentice plumber having fun at TAFE making U-bends



Off i trot for a cruise around the park, first thing i noticed is the bolt upright postion, which was kinda nice but different. One draw back which ive seen a few newbie tourists do is grab the top part of the bar where there is no controls! seen a few close shaves out the front door of the shop with that maneuver. i must admit i did this too!

Most of my ride to Centennial Park i had my hands by the controls. this can be kinda strange when rising out of the saddle, as it felt like i was going to whack my knees, but figured out that when you have a bike loaded up with kit, i dont think you will be getting out of the saddle like richard virenque on bastille day.

At the park i could use the bar to its fullest, any hand postion i liked, very good indeed, i slipped away into a dream of being out on a tour the wind rushing through what hair i have left, riding to wherever for however long i wanted. then up ahead by the cafe, mums with prams trying to cross, groups of triathletes hanging out the backs of the their cars talking shop, giving funny looks to the cyclist that actually rode to the park and did’nt drive there from randwick. mayhem but fun!

After this i past a roadie, which i did’nt think was a bad thing, to which he had to come back past, so i just sat behind him and played alittle trick on him, on the above picture you can see i have a shifter that is not conected up well this device is a secret interval weapon for other cyclist.

When you are stuck behind a roadie, sit about a 1 or 2 metres back and just click the shifter a couple of times, and watch ’em go! they think its some mad attack from some other roadie. i had to stop as my giggling was getting to loud! and the poor dude must have been in red on his heart rate monitor.

In conclusion, these are great bars for the open rode , lots of positions, a bit of flex when out of the saddle, they do come with a warning about using them for easy rides so i think i was putting it to its limit with the power i putting through them(haha!)

Next test: hanging powerbars off the back of my saddle to see how many of  the triathletes i can get in a paceline on my wheel

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