A scale of things to come

Well at last we have a house to live in and the house is almost 15km from work which is awesome, no need for extra laps around a park, 30k’s a day commuting. I tell you what ive been on the hunt for some scales as i can feel the pounds are alltime coming back!

till the next time…….

3 Responses to “A scale of things to come”

  1. R. Slicker Says:

    painfully slow and un-entertaining…. thanks nfor wasting 2 and a half minutes of my life you cunt!

    Tried calling your mobile- no answer…. should I try again?
    Hope Melbourne life is going sweetly- the 30k round trip will be sure to put the lead back in your pencil!!! More babies on the way?

    Lots of Love from Jo and I

  2. Martin Hartley Says:

    A single-speed bicycle with clip-in pedals and drop handlebars isn’t going to get people into commuting by bicycle. People need easy-to-use and reliable machines. Something with an internally-geared hub, comfortable handlebars and saddle, and platform pedals which allow you to ride in any normal shoes.

    This is possibly one of the least-effective commuter cycling promotional clips that I have seen.

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