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finally some facts

May 20, 2010

Well after 10 weeks and 2000km of commuting, I found a set of scales tipping them at 83kg.

Having gone from a very short commute in sydney to having a mega commute, Iam finding loading up on junk is the new norm, carbs are king and protein has become the court jester.

Early on in my quest i read a book called “heft on wheels” which basically was about a big dude who took up cycling and lost heaps of weight, but then found the same thing as me, loading up on any old junk he could find!

I would highly recommend the book to anyone out there

Till the next time………keep pumping!

Making an impact

April 29, 2010

A few weeks ago TR took an unexpected timeout when i bent down in a strange position and put my back out! to help me out i seeked the help from all round top bloke Scooter, he runs a business called Impact Massage out of Fitzroy. One session of his magic and TR was back on the road smashing out the commuting km’s again. I thoroughly recommend him to all cyclist in melbourne!

dead legs

April 19, 2010

i always think of my legs being like trevor berbick’s after getting clocked by a tyson blow, but the pain is never that bad!

long time coming…….weekly round up

April 18, 2010

Well rebuildians, i have finally got the machine that never lies on the bike, better known as a speedo(not to be confused with dickstickers!)

Sunday 40

Monday 40

Tuesday 40

Wednesday 40

Thursday 40

total 200

Worked out to be between 45 to 1hrs for each 20km chunk

Coming up next GPS tracked commutes………………….

look at that cargo!

April 7, 2010


the kevin bacon factor

March 25, 2010

i know some geeza that knows this geeza that that geeza was shagging some bird that greeza was seeing before she married a mate of my mates geeza……..small world eh?

A scale of things to come

March 10, 2010

Well at last we have a house to live in and the house is almost 15km from work which is awesome, no need for extra laps around a park, 30k’s a day commuting. I tell you what ive been on the hunt for some scales as i can feel the pounds are alltime coming back!

till the next time…….

Total relocation!

March 6, 2010

Well rebuildians its been awhile since my last post, I can safely say that it has been a full on time since then. As of now total rebuild will be coming to you from Melbourne.

updates to follow shortly…………………………………………………..

The body

January 15, 2010

Jesse Ventura what a champion!

Back burner blues

January 14, 2010

One ride so far this week (and only 14km!), total rebuild is having to take a back seat as I settle down into a new year of work.