January 13, 2010

How goddamn hot does this country get, you could fry an egg on the pavement in melbourne!

I can safely say I have been sweating standing still, just like the GFOS himself

smoking vid! awesome mo too

Hubbard ride #1

January 11, 2010

The first hubbard ride of the year was a muted affair, 3 riders on and a couple of wheelsuckers benefiting from us driving the pace at the front, i can say i was pleased with my efforts

hopefully next week will have a few more riders in the mix!

Back in town

January 5, 2010

After a few days without the internet, I’am back and ready to take on 2010 like a rabid pitbull at a shitzu convention! Happy New Year everyone!

Xmas round up

December 27, 2009

Well the turkey/ham/pork/mince pies/chocolates may have come and gone, but total rebuild is still rolling along like a freight train running on nitro

Monday18km + gym

Tuesday 20km + gym + 16km in arvo

Wednesday 28km

Thursday 26km

Friday Christmas day(off!)

Total  108

keeping it up on holiday

December 22, 2009

Well after driving from Sydney to the Gold coast(which is a mental workout in its self!) an active rest was the plan for the next 3 weeks and try not to undo all the good work of the past couple of months.

My hosts informed me that there was 11km of walking/bike tracks around their complex, which sounded great, 2 or 3 circuits and the km’s would be enough to keep the program rolling along. Now in practice I had to improvise as the 11k was broken into sections with stairs to climb and bridges to cross(sounds a bit like the rebuild program!)

On the first ride I spun around checking the route and planning, the next day I had to add an element of extra exercise as i was not really stressing the system, so every other park bench or set of stairs I had to do dips or press-ups, which really hit the spot!

The 3rd day I did pretty much the same program, but saw 2 hubbards riding on the road, so being a fellow hubbard I chased them down to see where they were going, turns out there is a nice wide bike lane along the side of the road, super smooth  and about 3km in length, stoked with this I did 1 lap and peeled off back to the complex. by this time it was bloody hot! time to chill out in the pool methinks

Total rebuild christmas vacation

December 16, 2009

Yes just like the griswalds I’am heading up north for a couple of weeks R&R, I’m taking a bike with me so hopefully if can get away from the eggnog and XXXX i should stay in shape over the chirstmas/new year period.

Happy holiday’s Total Rebuildians!


December 7, 2009

Good monday to everyone, bloody hot out there on the morning spin around the park (27.4) and even hotter when i got to work.

Now i always have a giggle when i log in to the blog and see what people have been searching for and how they stumble on to my blog.

Here is the list i have so far:

Search Views
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Its the tail end of the list that has me giggling.

Spandex is so hot right now! lol

RRRrrrrrRRound up!

December 4, 2009

Another week in the rebuild

Monday  27.2

Tuesday 27

Wednesday 29.5 (Hubbards ride)

Thursday recover from Hubbards ride!

Friday 20 (performed on Gary Fisher)

Total 103.7

Working week round up

November 27, 2009

Ride ride ride! chilling out today as i’m stiff as a board!

heres some of the K’s i did this week

Monday – 31

Tuesday – rest day

Wednesday – 29.7

Thursday – 27.1

Friday – 19.6

Total  107.4


Rest day

November 24, 2009

Like all great tours the Tour de Rebuild had a rest today, in the small village of newtown, in the heart of sydney’s inner west region relaxation was the call of the day(oh and 8hrs on the tools!), before the next day’s  grueling staff and customer park ride/smashfest.

its the kind of ride that reminds me of this person